Sample postcard

'Romantic Ribbons' are romantic places loved by you, places within our towns and cities that inspire and connect us to something greater than what we see.

Romantic Ribbons can be an idyllic spot, a picturesque place, a lovely walk or a charming city space that catches you by surprise unexpectedly.

Do you have a romantic urban spot that you can share? Write it down as though you are that space enticing us to visit you, or write about how you feel when you visit this place of romance. We'll be publishing your submissions throughout the year.

We are encouraging people to get out and enjoy all the Romantic Ribbons that have been suggested so far. Why not visit somewhere that's already been suggested or suggest a Romantic Ribbon of your own and write a post card.

Top five locations

  1. Greenwich Park, London
  2. Jubilee Bridge, London
  3. Toronto Harbourfront
  4. Horniman Gardens, London
  5. Broadway Market, Hackney
Couple walking arm-in-arm through a park